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HV-45 Air Compressor - NOT RECHARGEABLE

Sku : HV-45

UPC : 891932000462

Weight : 7.0 lb

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HV-45 Air Compressor, portable 12 volts, is designed for travel and off-road trips, convenient to use, powers up directly from vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet.  This is NOT rechargeable and comes with NO BATTERY - like a previous version.

HV-45 Features:

E-Z Twist Brass Inflator

150 PSI Armored Pressure Gauge

¼ Horsepower 12 Volt Gear-less Motor

Anti-Vibration Rubber Feet

3 Adapter Nozzles

Quick Release 16-ft Coil Hose

E-Z Twist Brass Inflator is powerful enough to inflate the tire of a truck in less than 4 minutes and passenger size car in 1 minute. 150 PSI Air Gauge include functioning like air up, air up intermittently, air down, air down intermittently and check tire pressure. ¼ Horsepower 12 Volt Gear-less Motor gives access to use the Compressor anytime at any place with the help of 16-ft Coil Hose to reach where you need with ease. It is accompanied with 3 Adapter Nozzles for filling up the tires of bicycles, soccer balls or small inflatable water tubes for beach activities.

For extra convenience, it has Anti-Vibration Rubber Feet.

    Customer Reviews

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    Smith Farm
    Good for winter lows

    I purchased the HV-45 Air Compressor so we could reliably and easily bring up our auto/SUV tires to the right pressure without having to search for an air pump or pay for it each time. We live in the country so finding a place with air service is difficult and time consuming. Both my wife's car and my SUV dropped 6-8 pounds in about a week of our first cold temps of the Fall. In about 5 minutes each, both vehicles were back up to par and the TPS warnings were gone. I am happy with this device overall. I gave it a 4-star rating because the pressure gauge window has some odd warping or like it was melted in the building of the product. It might even be excessive glue. Also, the power switch has two "ons" a 1 and a 2, but the 2 does not do anything. Only 1 works. Perhaps this is by design. The quality of the device without those two things is pretty good. I noticed it does get a little warm after doing 4 tires, but that is to be expected with it running almost the entire 5 minutes. The length of the hose in combination with the power cord are long enough for our vehicles. I had no issue at all reaching all the tires on both vehicles. Hose is easy to put on and remove. The valve stem connection for the standard compressor is a screw-on component, so be sure you put it straight on or you might strip the valve threads. There is a clip-on adapter you can purchase separately, but unfortunately it is out of stock, or at least it was when I made the purchase.

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