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Air Armor M240 12V Portable Air Compressor

The Air Armor M240 is your go to system for portable compressed air, tire care and repair. The core of the M240 powers directly from your vehicle’s battery and delivers air with a 25’ service hose. Keeping you in service is a box of tire parts, tools, and accessories. All this in a tough as nails steel storage locker. At the core of the M240 is a 12-Volt, direct drive, high volume air compressor with a 10’power cord that clips directly to your vehicle’s battery. This 40mm powerhouse provides optimal performance in the critical tire inflation pressure range. Delivering 2.11 CFM you can inflate a full size truck tire in less than 2 minutes and fully inflate a 35” tire from 0-35 PSI in less than 5 minutes. The portable air system boasts an instrument panel with built-in air pressure gauge and type "M" style 1/4" air fitting to attach the unprecedented 25’ straight easy-to-coil air hose with lock-on ball foot commercial air chuck. Airing up has never been easier thanks to an extended 50% duty cycle and hose that reaches all 4 tires of even the longest wheelbase vehicles.

You won’t be the operator caught dead on the road because you lost a part in the dirt - the Air Armor M240 has your back. Packed in the accessory box is an arsenal of 27 tire care and repair parts which includes a tire repair kit, 4-way tire valve tool, 2 gauges and an assortment of commonly lost or damaged tire parts like valve caps and cores. The M240’s powder coated steel case is rugged enough for use by the military to store ammunition and explosives. This up-armored ammo can features a large folding carry handle, snap latch, and a water resistant O-ring to keep dirt and moisture out. Space to spare allows you to outfit your kit with the tools and accessories you need to be ready for action.



Customer Reviews

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Dennis Larson
This is Great

The box is the best thing to have with the pump inside.
Much better than having everything loose.
I have only tired it one time since I just received it, but it was pretty simple to hook up.
The hose and the hook up looks very high quality, not some cheap yellow plastic hose.
Overall initial feel about this is that I think its great

Arthur Foltz
Big power in a little package

Awesome compressor filled my tractors tires in less than 2 minutes on my big Kubota

Sam Park
Real deal

I finally found an affordable and powerful mobile air compressor. The case and quality is great. Best part though is the function, it inflates my f150 tires from 18 to 35 in about 1.5 min.

Ron Jones

Very impressed with the quality and the easiness of use.

Ralph Ward

Just what I need to air up tires and fix most flats.