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HV-40A2 Air Compressor 12 Volt, Refurbished

Sku : HV40-A2 R

Weight : 7.0 lb

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The SuperFlow HV-40A2 Air Compressor is a quality built 12-volt portable air compressor with LED light powered from a vehicle's cigarette lighter outlet. The 16 ft. coil hose(self-coiling) that is included has an easy screw-on air chuck that makes it useful. The switches are separate for the pump and LED lights. The handle is a metal heat shield for the output. This streamlined, sturdy air compressor is perfect for cars and other standard-sized vehicles and is designed for day-to-day use, from blowing up balls to inflating low tires. The HV-40-A2's powerful 12-volts, 2200 cubic inches of air output and 150 PSI capacity is comparable to other higher-priced compressors. This unit is unique with a powerful motor and LED light. Flow up to 30 LPM (liters per minute). Features include a 10-foot power cord to reach around the vehicle, detachable hose 16 feet long to connect from compressor to tire, and built-in pressure gauge. The unit weighs only 6.1 lbs and has a rubber leg base to prevent movement when in use. Adapters and carrying bag included. Durable nylon carrying bag makes it easy to transport a compressor from trunk to tire or from vehicle to vehicle.

The SuperFlow Air Compressor with LED Light will inflate your tires fast This compressor will inflate a standard size tire from 0-35 PSI in 3 minutes for shorter wait times. Anti-vibration feet prevent the unit from 'walking' while inflating a tire. Built-in LED light is handy as a flashlight or emergency light when you're stuck on the road at night.

The product is a refurbished product.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Roy Guthrie
Works like a champ!!!


Rick H
T Rick

Great little air compressor. Works very good. Good buy for the money.

John Rohme
A good buy

This is the fourth Superflow I have purchased over the years. That should say it all!

Derek Leeson
Exactly what I wanted

Pump is refurbished but seems to work perfectly, so far. Bought as an emergency pump for my fiancé’s vehicle and pleased with the size and power.

Russell T.
SuperFlow HV-40A2 Air Compressor

Quick Shipping and Superb Metal Housing Quality!

I have owned it 6 months now and used it numerous times, instead of my pancake compressort, now hat i have it. This is a robust air compressor with built in light for night/day emergencies that comes with a canvas carry bag for trunk storage and a flex hose with quick disconnect couplers. My personal testimony with this pump that lead to me purchasing one for myself and now my family members.....

1.) Why I bought this particular pump - my tire on my Suburban went super low from a nail. Not dropping tire shop names but dismount wire was across the street, would not "patch" it or touch it to put air in it because i didn't buy the tire from them (STRANDED out of town). My supervisor pulled this very pump out of her trunk and saved the day and my money! I was able to drive home, with her pump in case i needed to stop on the way to add more air, and get my Suburban to a location that would work with me.

2.) My dad met us at the gym in his new used car, coupe, he bought to watch volleyball championships. A cold front had come in which lowers tire pressure. We got out of the game and all four of his tires were 23 - 27psi after checking which is roughly 50% to low! Dad says "Well i will get air in them at the house i guess, I don't know..." and I said, "NO, I GOT IT....I'LL DO IT NOW". I went to my Suburban, got this pump i bought, result of #1 above, and aired up all 4 of his tires to 40psi (max 44psi rating) within 10 minutes. My dad said "WOW" I like that pump!
I am now buying him one for Christmas and one for my daughter, wife, and my sister to put in their trunks. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU NEED IT.

This pump aired my truck tires but I am going to get the next level up for my truck and give this one to my wife for her sedan. Also, i do not have a problem with the refurbished so that is what i bought for myself, used it in situation 2 above, and also buying refurbs. for my gifts to family.


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