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MV-50 Air Compressor


Sku : MV-50

UPC : 891932000608

Weight : 11.0 lb

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The SuperFlow MV-50 is a portable tire inflation system designed for inflating full size 4X4, truck, SUV, and RV tires. The MV-50 air compressor is a rugged direct drive 12-volt, 30 amp air compressor with an outstanding 3500 cubic inches of air flow. This tire inflator powers directly from your vehicle's battery with a 10 foot heavy duty power cord and alligator clips. Included is a 16 foot self-coiling air hose with quick connect type M automotive air fitting and easy twist brass inflator. This portable 12-volt air compressor includes accessories neatly pack into a durable nylon carry bag.

The SuperFlow MV-50 inflates full size truck tires 25-35 PSI in under 2 minutes. If your car tires are needing inflating too, the MV-50 can easily take care of that in under a minute.

If you're an off road enthusiast and need to air up to get back on the black top, the SuperFlow MV-50 easily gets the job done on a tire up to 33 inches. The duty cycle for this tire inflator is 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off which is more than enough time to air up all four tires after a long day on the trails. The 12-volt air pump fits under or behind most pick-up truck seats so you'll have portable air where ever you go.  Special Ops © addition.




10.25 lbs



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Uday Patel
Perfect for my vacation trips

Loved it

Michael Thomas

Compressor worked good after a little work. Mounted on my truck for on board air, in a pretty tight spot, had to remove grill, etc. Installed and would not hold air in my air tanks. Checked all lines, check valves, and the next day found out all the compressor head bolts were loose! The thing is running fine now like the other one I’ve had installed for about 15 years now. Hope running it with head bolts loose didn’t hurt it, time will tell.

Latoya Barze

MV-50 Air Compressor

I had this compressor since 2015

I'm very impressed with the compressor I used it every time I go off roading in the Jeep with 32" tires. I have a 4 way airhose that I made and from 15 PSI it takes about 15 minutes to inflate to 40 PSI a lot of my Jeep friends wants one. I recommend anyone with a budget like me get one you won't regret it. If you have a TJ, On the drive side under the hood is the perfect spot to mount it.

This things a beast !

The quality and performance are a level above than the price point.
I should have bought this seven years ago.

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