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MV-90 Air Compressor 45 Amps


The SuperFlow MV-90 is a monster tire air pump powered by a direct drive, 45amp, 12-volt motor. Equipped with a 60mm piston and high strength cylinder the MV-90 generates an impressive 6400 cubic inches of airflow per minute. The SuperFlow MV-90 powers directly from your battery by a 10 foot heavy duty power cord and alligator clips. Included is a 24 foot self coiling air hose with quick connect Type M air fittings. The air hose is equipped with an armored in-line air gauge, easy twist brass inflator, and optional clip-on air chuck. This tire inflator belongs in the truck, around the farm, off the road, or anywhere you need to air up quickly to get the job done. The MV-90 air compressor includes a heavy duty nylon carry bag, two adapter nozzles, and a ball inflation needle.

To the off road enthusiasts that are running the biggest tires on the trail or in the mud, the SuperFlow MV-90 is for you. Air up a 44 inch tire from 25 to 35 PSI in about three minutes. The MV-90 air compressor is also great around the farm or ranch, and can be used to inflate even the largest agricultural tires. Even industrial size tires of the backhoe, grader, loader, or skid loader is not beyond the capability of the MV-90. The duty cycle for this portable tire inflator is 40 minutes on, 40 minutes off. Tire inflation times may vary based on environmental conditions. Be safe and informed, be aware of the proper operating pressure for your tire and vehicle combination. If you're looking for oversized tire inflation satisfaction, you've found your new portable air compressor.

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Customer Reviews

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Don Marks
Happy Customer

This is the second MV-90 Air Compressor we've bought. They get used heavily twice a week, every week. We have a setup to air up all four tires at once and now I connect BOTH compressors together, via a manifold, to my wife's Jeep and my Jeep and air up in a flash. Very well constructed AND comes with correct 1/4" NPT air coupler! NEVER has failed us. We recommend it to everyone.

Thank you for a great product,
Don and Kathy Marks


Inflated my 34” tires from 15 psi to 35 psi in under 2 minutes! My only complaint is the gauge is inaccurate. I replaced the included hose and inflator to fix this.

Great pump

Great pump. Fills my 33 inch tires with no problems

Jorge Molina
Power flow compressor MV09

Is the best compressor. I like

Fred Colyer
Five star

Five stars even though I have not used them yet. They are a bit heavy ,but I think they do all I will want them to do.
Best thing was the ease by which I was able to return the air hose and get a refund.